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Are you looking for Virginia's ONLY state-approved residential
assisted living administration training program?

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obtain your state-required CEUs?

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exclusively for activity professionals in assisted living?

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living administrator's national examination?

Are you looking for one of Virginia's leading experts to help you
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your facility in compliance with DSS regulations?
Irvin Land, Jr. studied hospital and health care administration at the Medical College of Virginia and upon graduating
cum laude in 1987 began his career in the senior care profession.  He currently serves as health care administrator for
a large health system and has served on several professional boards and committees.  Irvin, along with several other
experienced assisted living experts associated with AALCCC, enjoy traveling throughout Virginia providing training and
consultative services to facility/program owners, operators, and staff. He developed and teaches the only
state-approved residential assisted living administration training program and a assisted living activity course in
Virginia.  Irvin is widely recognized as a leading expert in assisted living and health care issues. "AALCCC is excited
about the ongoing opportunity to provide owners, operators, managers, and caregiving staff with top quality training
programs and consultative services throughout Virginia," states Mr. Land.
American Assisted Living Caregivers Credentialing Center
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you're in luck!  The Assisted Living
Credentialing Center can help you.  This website contains information on upcoming training
programs for assisted living management and caregiving staff and on consultative services offered
exclusively to Virginia assisted living facility owners and administrators.